Social Work with the Elderly and the Social Welfare Context in Lithuania

Dr. Elvyra Aciene is a social work professor at Klapedia University, Lithuania. Her research areas are comparative social policy, ageing, disability, and social work education. Dr. Aciene made significant contributions to the development of social work in Lithuania and conducted several projects in the field of social work. She is the chief editor of TILTAI/BRIDGES, the journal published by Klapedia University.

Date: 31 October 2019, 4:00 pm

Location: AE114


  • Tür: Seminer
  • Yer: AE114
  • Başlangıç: 31 Ekim 2019 16:00
  • Bitiş: 31 Ekim 2019 17:30
  • Konuşmacı: Prof. Dr. Elvyra Aciene